Become an independent home care attendant

Are you providing in-home care to a senior or person living with disabilities? Are you providing care for free for a loved one? Rhode Island is building its independent home care workforce to make sure people can get the care they need, where they want it – at home. Find out how you can sign up to provide independent home care for a fair wage.

Do you want more control over the care you receive?

Do you already receive care at home but want to have more freedom and flexibility in a care plan that works for you? Is a family member or loved one taking care of you for free and you want to see them compensated fairly for their work? Learn more about your expanded options in this program:

Yes, I want to learn more about independent home care!

About Rhode Island United for Home Care Independence

Rhode Island United for Home Care Independence is a project of SEIU Healthcare 1199NE that unites caregivers with seniors and people with disabilities, so they can get the care they need at home and keep their independence. We believe that those needing care are in the best position to direct their own care. We also believe that home care is essential work done by essential workers. All home care attendants should earn a living wage and have access to the same benefits other health care workers have.

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